South African Study Abroad Program


Point B social justice program is a flexible two–week program that is designed for your colleagues to increase critical thinking and foster lasting relationships with other faculty members of your peers and community leaders within South Africa. Why this is important is because it allows you to build bridges creating a greater appreciation for diversity across the diaspora with other universities and community leaders expanding the study abroad program initiatives with student exchange and faculty teaching abroad. This will enable a repeatable and sustainable program.


Our program targets minority students of color and first–generation students providing opportunities that are otherwise not afforded an opportunity to experience.


The program objective is to offer students an opportunity to examine past social structures on racial and ethnic minorities between the US and South Africa, realizing the impact on modern–day life. Examples of focus areas will include:

RACE & ETHNICITY– We will look at the framework of race & ethnicity by sharing the linkage between Apartheid and the Jim Crow laws to the alignment of the Civil Rights and ANC movement gaining cross– cultural learning, thus, seeing through a new lens to positively impact the student with a deeper
understanding of their self and ancestors, contributing to their personal growth.

HOUSING– Housing and its impact in today’s economy which links back to race and ethnicity. We’ll visit some townships and other communities to meet community leaders.

SOCIAL ECONOMICS & POLITICAL CONDITIONS– We will investigate the social economics of South Africa by visiting sites (e.g., Constitution Hill, Mandela Foundation, etc.) exploring how the SA government party systems work and operate today. Also, visit some universities to meet faculty peers and students alike building lasting relationships.

Note: our programs are very flexible and can be modified according to the school’s department

Our Core Team

Kevin Murphy Program Director

Mr. Murphy has been traveling to South Africa for over 15 years as his first journey involved community outreach where he visited various orphanages and townships throughout South Africa assisting with providing educational, women’s health, vegetable, and HIV/AID supplies to support under–served
communities. Today, Mr. Murphy vision of the diaspora has grown significantly whereby he started KJ Michael’s LLC a tourism and hospitality business that operates a boutique hotel called Point B that is located in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

John Zeigler Program Liaison

Mr. Zeigler Jr. is the Director of DePaul University Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships (UECP) and adjunct faculty. John recognized that the most effective solutions to community issues should be community driven. John has been supporting diverse stakeholders to come together to launch, sustain and grow innovative initiatives for over 25 years. He’s the founder of the youth community development initiative called ConneXtions International, which was designed to develop adolescents into
conscious community builders. John is also program director for the Goldin Institute which helps to develop and connect global and local grassroot leadership.

Rosemary Meintjies International Relations & Protocol

Ms. Meintjies is an astute strategic visionary with strong entrepreneurial capacity to drive organizational improvement and implementation of best business practice. With over 20 years of experience in foreign relations, trade and investment facilitation and promotion; between the year 2012 to 2015, I successfully established, implemented, and managed the first One–Stop–Shop in SA – Gauteng Investment Centre (GIC).

Frank Mbete Program Facilitator & Guide

Mr. Mbete originally from Soweto Township is an experienced licensed facilitator and guide with over 20 years of experience enjoys working in the wonderful Tourism industry of South Africa. Frank specializes in providing customized tourism travels, university educational, holidays, and adventure packages for tourists, groups, individuals, families, or even romantic honeymooner. These guided trips are all throughout Southern Africa and other African Countries such as Botswana, Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe), Mozambique, Swaziland, Angola, Tanzania, Keny.

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